Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rainy Fall Day...

I woke up feeling pretty sleepy this morning and not incredibly motivated to get anything done. However, I was given a good reminder at our Mom's Connect group at Hillside Community Church this morning. Even though I am in the midst of stinky diapers, potty accidents, piled laundry, dirty dishes, and rainy weather, I can glorify God today. I can choose to do all of those things to His glory and praise Him the whole time! So I'm trying:)

We are a few days behind on the preschool front because of a busy schedule this week. But I found an awesome blog where this wonderful mom has taken time to compile packets full of themed ideas for preschool at home! I have LOVED looking through it and already have used some of the ideas this week with Luke. We collected leaves outside, before it started raining for days, and brought them inside to sort and match and rub. Do you remember doing that? You put the leaf under a piece of paper and rub over it with the side of a crayon. We used fall crayon colors and made beautiful leaf prints! As soon as I get some googly eyes from the craft store, we are going to make some leaf puppet on popsicle sticks too!

This is Luke's paper apple with his wonderfully traced letter  A! 
We did some fun apple things a couple weeks ago. I saw this great idea for an apple sandwich snack that we haven't tried yet, but plan to! I'm convinced that I'm having just as much fun with all our little projects as Luke is!

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