Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Girl

This pretty much sums up Avery's feelings about the cute bows I try to put on her head! 

Sweet blue-eyed girl, at 10 months. 
Well, Avery has not gotten nearly the face time on my blog that her brother did. BUT...there are so many more things to keep up with when you have two children instead of one.

Miss Ave will be 11 months old in a few days and I cannot begin to describe how quickly this first year of her life has flown. She is such a joy and has THE best smile you have ever seen! She has an adventurous little spirit and lately, loves to explore everything that she is not supposed to get into...favorite spots being: bathroom drawers and the laundry room closet where all the shoes are. She also wants to be everywhere her big brother is. She follows him around to see just what he is doing. She still crawls everywhere, but we think it won't be long before she is running. Yes, running. There's a good possibility that Avery will just skip walking all together. She's just like that! She walks along the furniture and will take a couple steps toward us if we bribe her. She will be hard to slow down once she figures out she can walk on her own!

Avery is a great sleeper. She takes a nap in the morning, an hour and a half on a good day, and a nap in the afternoon. She sleeps all night unless she's having tooth pain (like last night). I think she might be getting a mouth full. There are two teeth on top that are just poking through, and another one that looks like its pretty close.

We've discovered that she is not a girly girl. She does not want to leave bows on her head or cute shoes on her feet; she'd rather chew on them. And she loves to dig in the dirt; she chews on that too! Sometimes she forgets that she is just a little thing and makes her way right in with the big kids when we play with friends or go to the county preschool program with Luke.

Avery loves getting attention and playing with her family. She knows just where to find Mommy, however, when she gets tired or hungry. She's quite opinionated when it comes to what she wants:) Our family dinners are filled with squeals, sometimes shrieks, when she's not getting food in her mouth fast enough. Luke just sits there and covers his ears! She loves her thumb when she gets sleepy. It's the sweetest thing to watch her pop it in her mouth and crook her pointer finger over her nose. Her head goes limp too, the instant she starts sucking!

We thank God every day for the blessing of our little girl. I can't wait to see all the personality and passion that continues to blossom in her sweet body! We love you Avery Renae!

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