Thursday, March 10, 2011


When Avery was born, I did not think that she looked all that much like her brother, but as she grows, I see more similarities. I've just been dying to do this with their pictures since Avery was born so I can see what everyone else thinks! The first and last pictures are of Luke and the middle two are of Avery (Her cheeks hadn't fully popped in her towel picture!).

Life with two kids is worlds different than life with one, as I am sure many of you can attest to. The biggest challenge is finding the time to balance my time (as I sit and waste time instead of cooking dinner)! BUT, it is a blessing beyond belief that God has chosen us to take care of these two precious children!

Luke is two months away from his third birthday; all grown up. He has been potty trained since last August and lately is very insistent upon doing all potty-related things by himself. Truthfully, he wants to do ALL things by himself! I am amazed at how much he is learning to do. Luke comes to a bible study with me each week and goes to his own 'Little Lambs' class. His teachers tell me how he likes to put his hands in his pockets when they sing, and how he doesn't really sing but they can tell he likes the songs. Guess what he does when we get home? He sings! He is learning to love Jesus and we are praying that Jesus will fill his sweet heart soon! Luke loves to talk to us about everything. We have a hard time getting him to eat his dinner because he has so much to tell us. He says the most random things sometimes, but it is obvious that he has been pouring over what to say for a long time. Oh, how he takes after his Daddy in his contemplation! Some of my favorite sayings lately have been, 'Mommy, I didn't want to wear this shirt this morning and I was whining, but I'm better now.' And, in response to me telling him something, 'Ohh, I'm gotcha.' And, as we were walking out the door the other day, 'Let's go Princesses!' Luke is an adoring big brother and he does (so far) treat Avery like a little princess. He talks to her and loves to make her smile. He is a wonderful helper if I need to get something for her. He's even volunteered to change her diaper, that is until he saw the mess that was in it:)

Avery Renae, at three and a half months old, has more than stolen our hearts and filled us with even more joy! She has a temperament very similar to her brother's; she is easy going and easy to please. The first thing she shows off in the morning is her precious smile! Nights are typical for a growing baby, I think. She goes to bed at about 8, gets up once a night to eat, and goes back to bed until about 8. Her days are spent swinging (eating), laying on a blanket while we play with her (eating), sitting up in her Bumbo seat (eating), napping (eating), practicing her tummy time (eating). Avery has figured out how to bat at her toys and get her little fists in her mouth. She loves to talk with us, and lately loves to hear the sound of herself squealing in a very high-pitched voice (cute during the day, not so cute in the middle of the night). She is enamored with her big brother and is really starting to notice and watch everything he is doing.

We are so thankful for our two sweet miracles!

I'm Back...

So much has happened in our lives in the last 10 months and I am sad that I haven't been able to keep up with my blog posting. I have, however, been able to thoroughly enjoy the changes that have taken place in our growing family. Luke is changing and growing up so quickly right before our eyes, and our sweet daughter Avery has added even more joy to our home! More to come soon!