Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Busy Month!

Luke is going on 9 months and continues to learn how to do new things constantly! He is crawling and now wants to explore everything he has been staring at for the past 8 months. Somehow he knows how to find all the places where he should not be. He pulls books off of the bookshelves, opens the entertainment center doors to remove the DVD's inside, crawls under the computer desk to reach for the cords, heads for the trash can in the bathroom while I'm getting ready in the morning. He's fast too:) 
Two sharp little teeth have made their appearance in his mouth. He's back to sleeping much better now that those are in! Luke loves playing in the kitchen with Mommy. He'll mess around with anything I give him. Other kids are fascinating to him! He loves to watch them. We have switched carseats, and Luke is now in his big boy seat. He enjoys looking out the window.  He knows how to feed himself little snacks. This has its downfalls however, because today I caught him eating a piece of carpet he had picked out of the corner and popped in his mouth. Gross! 
We love seeing the joy that our little boy already has for life! 
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. Curious

Now that Luke can move his little body where he wants it to go, it has opened up a world of discovery for him! He still cannot crawl, but he's getting close. He easily rolls and scoots his way around to whatever he wants to explore. He enjoys grabbing books from under the coffee table, opening and shutting the doors on the entertainment center (just to hear the noise), grabbing the rocks on the base of the fireplace, and heading toward any new thing we put on the floor near him. 
Luke's curiosity is not limited to the living room however. He has recently discovered that the bumper in his crib is not totally connected to the bed. He digs underneath the bumper to find the ties to chew on. He pulls the bumper down to scope out what's going on in his room. This picture is how I found him this morning. Busted!  

Friday, January 2, 2009


Luke is a very good eater overall. We tried feeding him an avocado the other night and got a kick out of his reaction! I don't think Luke cares what the books say about avocados being healthy for babies:)