Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Baby's Cruisin'

On April 24th, Luke took his first steps on his own. We were very excited for him that night and thought that was the beginning of his "upright" life. However, Luke thinks like his daddy. What I mean by this is that he thinks and thinks and thinks and thinks:) Luke refused to walk for weeks! He had to consider his options and make sure that walking was going to be a good decision. By June 1, he had made up his mind. Confident in his decision, with no coercing from Mom or Dad, Luke let go of the furniture and starting walking everywhere. We kept him up past bedtime that night because we were having so much fun watching him walk. Each day, he walks more than the day before. It's still a shock to watch him toddle into a room behind me! 

(This video was taken yesterday. Luke loves to say BOOM when he falls down or when he runs into things with his toys. It's pretty funny:) )


Luke loves playing outside, and we've had lots of fun getting out of the house when the weather is nice! He knows how to play in the dirt (really well), smell flowers, water flowers (He knows where the watering can is and always wants to help), and mow the lawn with Daddy. We love summer! 
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