Friday, April 17, 2009

11 Months

Only one more month until Luke's birthday. I hope I don't have to stop calling him my 'baby' when he turns one! Each month brings new surprises and new achievements for our little man. This month we added cabinet locks in the kitchen and bought a connecting gate to block off certain areas of the living room. It's almost impossible to contain Luke, but we try to keep him out of trouble! He has his own cabinet in the kitchen with some tupperware in it, so he isn't completely locked out:) 
Luke says 'dada' all the time. I think I've heard 'mama' a couple times, but it's not his word of choice! He just started clapping his hands and he loves to play the "How big is Luke?" game; he throws his hands straight up in the air! He's a great sleeper; Mike and I are very thankful for that! He loves to push around his walker. He's pretty steady on his feet, but still has not been brave enough to take steps on his own. He is a happy, healthy little boy, and we love him like crazy!!   

Friday, April 3, 2009

Play Date

Yesterday, Luke and I went over to my friend Mary's house for some lunch and some fun! We have several close friends who all had children within a few months of each other. We have been getting together for lunch every so often since our kids were born, but we missed a few months with all the holidays and everything. Yesterday was pretty exciting with all of the babies now walking or crawling. It was great to watch them play with each other instead of just laying on blankets staring at each other! The lone girl in the group, Addie, had her pick of boys between Luke, Ethan, Keegan, and the twins (Owen and Ian). She's a lucky girl:) 
(The pictures: Ethan followed me around while I took pictures, I think he's got experience with that:) Luke and Keegan had fun pushing Ian on his toy; I don't think Ian knew what was going on behind him! We attempted to get a group picture. I snapped away while all the other moms kept the bunch on the couch. Such sweet babies!) 
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