Friday, December 4, 2009

Apartment Life

We are getting more and more settled into our apartment as the days go by. Really, there is not much to settle, as you can see from the picture of our living room, we don't have our furniture here! We have decided to leave most of our things at the house until it sells. Thankfully, we do have a comfy bed, and Luke has his crib, to sleep in. Having so few things here has actually been eye has made me think about the things that I really NEED. My husband, my son, my Savior, food and warmth. I am so blessed to have it all!

Mike is enjoying his new position in the product development department of Universal Forest Products. There are a lot of new things for him to learn about, but he catches on quickly. He gets to work on different projects all the time and I think that will keep him on his toes.

Luke is getting used to apartment life. It's been a challenge to keep him busy and occupied. He drew on the wall with crayons the second day we were here. He likes to watch the squirrels and the birds that come to play on our deck. We went outside this morning to enjoy the first real snowfall of the season. We got over 6 inches of snow last night! Luke and I bundled up and stomped through the snow. He wasn't sure what to think of it at first; he wanted me to get it off of his boots!


Our little baby is almost 19 months old. Luke is beginning to act more like a little boy than a little baby. We are so proud of him and all that he is learning; he seems to soak up and repeat everything that he hears. His vocabulary has expanded greatly in the last few weeks. One of his favorite topics of conversation is his family. He goes through everyone's names and I ask, "Where is Grandma (or whoever he is talking about)?" to which Luke replies, "Home." Sometimes I'll find him looking at books and 'reading' them to himself, with amazing inflection in his voice, I might add. He has a rocket to play with in the bathtub, he loves to say BLASTOFF (you'll hear that in the video). Luke has the sweetest personality and he loves to help everyone. He's always willing to offer a bite of his food (if he can feed it to you himself), or a drink from his cup. He helps set the table for dinner, always wants to put his shoes away in the closet, and his newest fascination is getting the mail from our tiny mailbox in the apartment. We love him dearly!