Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Decorating Easter Eggs

Our fun-loving boy decorated Easter eggs for the first time a couple days ago. He thought it was very exciting dropping eggs from dish to colored dish! You'll hear from the video that he is in the 'parrot' stage of talking:) He does say plenty of things on his own, but is bound to repeat everything we say also. We smile about him every day with the new things he's learning. Happy Easter! We serve a Risen Savior!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wilken Drive

We are blessed beyond belief to be moved into our new house! A week ago, yesterday, we rented a moving truck to move all our things from the apartment and the storage unit into our new house on Wilken Drive. Despite the snow on moving day, things went really well. Several wonderful friends and family members came to help us. Most of the moving was done before lunch time.
The house itself is wonderful. Mike and I keep saying we feel spoiled to be living here, especially after living in a tiny apartment for the past four months. Luke loves the fact that we get to play outside all the time! There are three bedrooms upstairs, a living room, dining room, and kitchen with an eat-in area. The basement is finished, minus trim around the windows, and carpeting. We are making changes to the bathroom down there, as well as a few other things, before we finish it off.
We are looking forward to the warmer weather to be able to tackle some projects outside the house as well.
Luke has made the transition to his big boy bed since the first night of being in the house. Mike turned his crib into a toddler bed by removing the front rail and adding a small toddler rail. Luke thinks it is the greatest thing on earth to be sleeping under a John Deere blanket, doggy in hand, while wearing his Elmo pajamas! He is such a good boy and always sits in bed and waits for us to come get him when he wakes up (even with the temptation of books and toys close by). What a sweetheart!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Inspired by my quilting teacher, Sara Pastryk:), I decided to make a new bed set for Luke's room at our new house. We will be moving in this weekend and with the move, we are switching Luke to his big boy bed. He is VERY excited about having a John Deere blanket on his bed and curtains on his window! I am excited to see how they look in his room...I'll post more pics then!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow is Melting!

We have been LOVING the recent sunshine over the last few days. Luke's favorite thing to do is shovel snow. It's not very effective, note his tiny shovel, but he still thinks it's great! He constantly says, "Mommy, vovel no?" (translation, Mommy, shovel snow?). The hat picture was taken as he was attempting to put his own shoes on, shovel in hand, to go outside to shovel. We're glad he loves to be outside!