Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have been tagged by Jessica.
Share 7 facts about yourself. Some random and some weird. 
Luke is in bed and Mike is gone tonight so I'm sitting here wasting time instead of doing laundry or something! 

1. I could live off of cheese and apple juice. I absolutely love them:)

2. I've never had a hamburger from McDonalds (or any other fast food place). Stacy informed me that I'm a hamburger snob. I guess it's true. I only like homemade ones on the grill. I've only ordered a burger from a restaurant 2 times in my life! 

3. My favorite place to visit is Charlevoix, Michigan. I would love to have a house up there someday for our family to stay at on vacations. The city is called "Charlevoix the Beautiful" and it is. 

4. Lately I like to watch Matlock on tv while Luke is eating lunch. How old is that show? It intrigues me:)

5. I have shot 2 rabbits in our backyard (and killed them!) with a pellet gun. One I shot from our bedroom window, the other from outside the garage. Don't be alarmed, we only shoot things at very safe times.....i.e. when the neighbors are at work and all the dogs are inside. Yikes:) We kill the rabbits because the eat everything! I take pride in my flowers and my hostas! 

6. This is getting love to bake and cook things! I wish I could open my own bed and breakfast! I would LOVE to decorate the rooms, make fancy table settings, and cook all day long!

7. I am the oldest of 7 granddaughters on my mom's side of the family and Luke is the first BOY to come along. He will be surrounded by all sorts of aunties at Christmas!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Six Months Old

This Saturday, the 15th, will be Luke's six month birthday. Where has the time gone? In six months he has grown over 8 inches in length, more than doubled his birth weight, learned to coo, scream, stretch, smile, bounce, reach, spit, laugh, growl, roll over, sit up, suck his toes....and this is just the beginning. He is nothing short of a miracle! Mike and I thank God every day for our healthy, happy son! 
Luke's personality is already starting to shine. He takes things in stride and goes where we go. He loves to watch what's going on and figure out where noises are coming from. I think he will be great at figuring out how things work, like his Daddy. He loves to smile at people and to be entertained. He never lets us forget that he is in the room; he loves to jabber! 
I would venture to say that Mike and I are used to "baby" life now, though Luke continues to teach us new things every day! I am sure that he is just looking out for his mom and dad's well-being. He wants us to stay flexible and be ready for anything. Everyone tells you how much life changes when you have kids, and it's true! It's amazing how different things are. It's amazing how WONDERFUL they are. We are so in love with Luke Michael and so glad that God has entrusted him to our care!