Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

Our sweet boy has turned TWO! It is hard to believe that we met Luke for the first time only two short years ago. I can picture being in the hospital room with Mike, watching the doctor hand Luke, wailing and wrapped in a hospital blanket, to us for the first time. We were parents, holding the most precious child both of us had ever seen. We still thank God for the miracle of our first son, Luke Michael!

Luke is full of life, full of smiles, full of words, full of fun:) He loves to read books, play with Mommy and Daddy, ride tractors, and play ball (doesn't matter what kind). He is quite particular about certain things. He likes to make sure his blocks are stacked straight when he's building a tower. He always helps me vacuum. He helps pick up the toys in his room each night, his animals have to be lined up in just the right order.

Lately, his favorite sayings are, "Oh yeah, did," in response to a question (sometimes he sings it), "Mommy come too," he still likes to be with me, "Luke have it now," we're working on that one!

I could brag for hours! Each day brings new learning experiences and new joys. Happy Birthday Luke Michael! We love you!