Friday, July 1, 2011

Is It Really July Already?

Summer has been a long time coming, or so it feels, up here in Michigan! Every time we have a couple warm days, they have been followed by days with temps in the 60's. But, lo and behold, it is July 1st and summer is definitely here! We have been packing in lots of fun already and have a busy couple months ahead. (Oops, I got the order backwards.)

Mike's Father's day present was tickets to a Whitecaps baseball game for him and Luke and their buddies, Rick and Evan. They had a fun night!
Luke had his first sleepover at his cousins' house, and we've gotten to see them several times in the last couple months. It's fun to watch all 4 of the grandkids have fun with each other!

We've also spent several days at my grandparents' lake house. We are trying to convince Luke to go tubing this summer, but so far, this is as close as we've gotten:) I love the perched little princess in the picture too!
My cousin Monica got married in May and this is a picture of her and the rest of my beautiful cousins (and sisters). Lots of girls!!
May 15 was Luke's 3rd birthday and we celebrated having Avery baptized that same morning. It was a joyful day!

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